Smoke it suck it

Show less Smoke tricks are the hallmark of a stylish smoker. No matter your smoking preferences, learning to pick up a couple tricks is a great way to pass the time and try to impress someone you are hanging out with. All of them will take a little bit of practice, preferably in front of a mirror, but you should be able to get them down in no time. You can also try ghosting, or double inhaling, by opening your mouth halfway and exhaling the smoke for 2 seconds.
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Time to admit it (not that) I suck at smoking a pipe

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Urban Dictionary: put that in your pipe and suck on it

We rushed to get out of the smoke, which stung our eyes and throats and lungs with no relief, the smoke so thick now that we could only follow the leather boots in front of us, unable to see anything through the tears streaming out of our eyes. We cough and wipe the snot from our noses. Embers fall on our necks and shirts, others sneak into the gap between our eyes and glasses. Our rush becomes a jog as the pullout where our buggies are parked comes into distant view, the smoke finally easing up. Not only did our line not hold—requiring three more days of work to contain it on the other side of the road—but many of us agreed that it was probably the worst smoke exposure of the summer.
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'Smoke rings' in the ocean could 'suck-up' small creatures and send them 'flying'

Researchers from the University of Liverpool have spotted the equivalent of smoke-rings in the ocean which they think could 'suck-up' small marine creatures and carry them at high speed and for long distances across the ocean. The ocean is full of eddies, swirling motions some tens to hundreds of kilometres across, which mix the water and carry it across the average currents. The 'smoke-rings' are a pair of linked eddies spinning in opposite directions that travel up to ten times the speed of 'normal' eddies and were spotted in the Tasman Sea, off the southwest of Australia and in the South Atlantic, west of South Africa. The rings in the ocean are cut in half by the sea surface, so we see the two ends of the half ring at the surface.
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The technology that allows submariners to breathe underwater could someday allow the rest of us to breathe cooler air. The advance relies on a class of organic chemicals called bis imino guanidines , or BIGs. He and his colleagues harness that binding ability to capture CO 2. The BIG molecules snatch free-floating protons and take on a positive charge. When a gas mixture rich in carbon dioxide bubbles through a solution of a particular organic chemical, the planet-warming gas is captured in tiny crystals which turn the solution a whitish color.
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